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Thursday, May 31, 2012

3 secret ways to make money online

3 secret ways to make money online.

Hi there! If this is your first time here, WELCOME!

Today I have a list of 3 secret ways to earn money online, it takes no prior knowledge and any one can do it!

The first secret method for making money online...

Affiliate marketing!


I am going to very truthful here. This one is not entirely a secret. 

So, before I even tell you anything about Affiliate marketing, I know several things about you.

1. You are looking for ways to make money online.

2. You may or may not be familiar with Affiliate marketing.

3. You want something that works. You do not want to waste your time with some scam, or something that brings in money, but so little that the time and effort is not even worth it.

Alright. Let me break down what Affiliate marking is.

Affiliate marketing, is where you sell someone's product, for them.
You also get a cut, a percentage, of the sale. That is basically Affiliate marketing in a nutshell, there is not any hocus pocus or magic secret to making it work. 

But, I will show you an example.

Alright, so, if you want to make any sales in affiliate marketing, you will firstly need to find a product, and one that is mildly popular, I mean, someone has to be willing to purchase the item.

In this example I chose a book, it costs 99 cents, and it is about affiliate marketing.

So, if you were to click the image above, you will be directed to Amazon, if you are not aware, is an online marketplace, and they offer an affiliate program, and you can advertise products for them, and earn a commission for a sale.

Normally, you would want to choose a product that you can review, play it up, convince someone that they should buy the item, slap up a link, a few images, and get them to click your link!

That is a very basic run down of affiliate marketing and how it works.

If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, you can check out my other post, which goes into more detail, HERE

Online surveys!

I know, you have seen this before, and you are probably thinking, hey this is just a bunch of crap and a waste of time. I assure you, it IS NOT. I started earning money online when I was 17, I couldn't find a job in my small town, and the internet was the only outlet I had. 

I spent months and months searching for a way, passing by these paid survey sites, I didn't really trust or believe them.But, I am telling you, this month,  several of these sites helped me pay the electric bill.

One example is

Cashcrate is a survey site that offers a referral program, so if you invite someone to join, you earn 20 percent of whatever they make! You can also easily make 10-15 dollars per day or more, simply completing surveys, or even just downloading free trials, or trying out products!

Out of all of the survey sites, I would have to say that this is the best one that can make money online for you!

Cash crate is completely free to join, and requires no credit card. Just today I got paid 25 dollars!

They have well over 2 million memberes, and they have been paying out for 4 years!
This is risk free, does not cost a dime, and it is a life saver some times.

Click HERE to join for free!


You may be wondering what this is, you may not have heard of it yet, it is relatively new.. It has been kept a secret...
This is actually how I started off in my onling career, this site is wonderful, they have taught me everything I know completely for free. They have dozens of online video tutorials, and bi-weekyl online seminars where you can actually ask experts if you need help with anything.

Basically this is a marketing company. What does that mean? They advertise, yeah that is all that it means, they advertise companies products, and who do they employ? YOU and ME!

I highly suggest checking this website out if you are curious for knowledge and want to learn how to become independent in your online business ventures!

ClickHERE to learn more!



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